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Book Illustration Services

AMZ Publishing Official Book Illustration Services’ team comprehends the importance of cover art and illustrations in children’s books, picture books, comic books, graphic novels, interactive eBooks, textbooks, and training manuals. The right images and illustrations will translate the information, sentiment, whimsy, or emotional tones the author is trying to convey. AMZ Publishing Official accomplished Illustrators work closely with authors to ensure their message, theme, characters, and style shine through. We’ve handled illustrating books from scratch, as well as conceptualized artwork illustrations to match previous works.

Whether you're looking for illustrations for your book cover or an entire book, or only want to have your sketches transformed into digital images, AMZ Publishing Official team of book illustrators will create engaging illustrations that captivate audiences.

Our Dedicated


Here are six unique ways AMZ Publishing Official will provide the very best book illustrations for any of your book requirements


Children’s Book Illustrations

AMZ Publishing Official uses trending illustration styles, including watercolor, etching, and graphic design, to create highly colorful, vivid expressions that will enchant younger audiences and stimulate cognitive skills. We research the book and match color palettes, composition, and style to the theme, and work with the author to create the best layouts.


Textbook Illustration

AMZ Publishing Official researches the author’s written content to create educational, uncluttered images for both digital and print textbooks. We rely on simple designs, cohesive color schemes, and visual storytelling to augment the learning process. This includes specific illustration approaches depending on the educational subject matter.


Picture Book Illustrations

AMZ Publishing Official uses specialized design and drawing software, including Adobe Creative Cloud and Procreate, along with traditional and digital illustration techniques. We consult with authors to turn their goals into riveting, concise compositions. We adapt our methods depending on genre, whether it’s teaching materials or purely entertaining.


Training Manual Illustration

AMZ Publishing Official understands that many people comprehend things better with visual aids rather than text. We turn training manual text into images that can be basic or elaborate depending on content complexity, instructions, and task specifications. We use Adobe Illustrator CC to create visual guides with color-coding, and distinguishable lines and shapes.


Comic Book Illustrations

AMZ Publishing Official team is immersed in comic and animation trends to create dramatic sketch, ink, color, and creative captions illustrations that capture the genre’s nostalgia while pushing artistic boundaries. Includes lettering, word balloons, characters, and backgrounds that reflect the digital nature of the comic industry’s evolution.


Book Cover Illustrations

AMZ Publishing Official takes a balanced approach to cover illustration design for text, title, and images to ensure the layout and typography that attracts readers and communicate key book themes. We include online dimensional requirements, genre, fonts, colors, and research into illustration processes to effectively incorporate how readers respond to these elements.

some of our childrens book illustartions

Why Should You Trust Our Editing Team

All of our book marketers, like every other professional on Amz Publishing Official, have been thoroughly vetted and their credentials validated.

  • We determine the type of editing you need based on the stage of writing goals.
  • We research potential editors who specialize in your genre.
  • We have experience working with authors at your level.
  • We communicate clearly with your editor about your expectations.
  • We provide authors with all the necessary information about your book.
  • We develop a timeline and budget for your editing project.
  • We review and provide feedback on your editor's work.
  • Ensure your book meets your standards.

Let us take your book to the next level

We help bring your ideas to life in the form of a sedulously written and published book

Interested in Seeing Your Book Edited?

Be at ease. Let us improve your book by using one of our qualified book editors.

  • Spelling and grammar corrections
  • Punctuation and capitalization corrections
  • Consistency checks for style, tone, and language usage
  • Structure and organization improvements
  • Clarity and coherence improvements
  • Character and plot development suggestions
  • Dialogue and narrative flow improvements
  • Fact-checking and research verification
  • Final proofreading check
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