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AMZ Publishing Official Is Your Ultimate Resource To Hire Professional Ghostwriters.


Make your Cover stand out!

To captivate the readers, our industry-oriented designers use their distinctive artistic skillset to make an impact on the cover, which tells more about the story. AMZ Publishing Official consists of hardworking designers who make sure to attract readers at first sight of your book by providing creative book cover design.


Our approaching method is concentric and revealing


Far-Reaching Expertise

Our limits are to the skies and beyond—our team, which specializes in multiple genres, be it a piece of history or autobiography, exceptional quality of content with unrivaled support is ensured.


Individually Customized Services

The purpose of this type of service is to provide you with the correct expert based on the genre you desire. After carefully hearing your instructions, we prepare a hierarchal outline and complete it within the guaranteed time


Flawless Client Communication

We never consider two different projects and clients the same. Our goal is to offer honest service and, subsequently, empathy to all the convincing clients.


Printing and distribution

Once your book is edited and designed, we will print and distribute it. We offer both print-on-demand and traditional printing options, depending on your needs. We will also help you distribute your book through online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Why Should I Believe AMZ Publishing Official Marketing Team?

All of our book marketers, like every other professional on Amz Publishing Official, have been thoroughly vetted and their credentials validated.

  • Strategies for social media marketing
  • For book promotion, enlist the help of a launch team.
  • Effectively pricing your book
  • Create a website to promote your book.
  • Expand your email list
  • Book promotion through influencer outreach
  • Obtain podcast interviews
  • Find book clubs

Let us take your book to the next level

We help bring your ideas to life in the form of a sedulously written and published book

What Does Our Book Publishing Service Include?

Choosing us for competent book publication is the best decision you will ever make. We are ideal for authors seeking a comprehensive personal publishing plan with professional expertise.

  • Ebook Creation and Distribution
  • Paperback Distribution
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Interior Layout
  • Optional Hardcover Printing & Management
  • Graphic Inclusion
  • Author Marketing Supplements
  • Complete Evaluation Edit
  • Publishing Imprint Creation
  • Book Cover Design
  • Proofreading
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